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Melissa Petersen LMP out of the office for two months

Melissa will not be available for appointments from mid-January to the end of March 2018.  We are actively looking for a massage therapist to fill her vacancy and will update the site when we have a practitioner available during this time.

Sarah Peters LMP has a very limited schedule but is available for massage appointments during this time.  Sarah does not take medical insurance, excepting LnI and personal injury cases.. You can schedule with her via our online scheduling or by phoning us at 253-927-5905.

Sarah Peters offering a new service: Rain Drop Aromatherapy Treatment

A combination of a few of Sarah’s favorite things! The Rain Drop Technique combines 9 different therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils used at acupressure points to support energy alignment, a sense of tranquility, and a stronger mind-body connection. When paired with craniosacral therapy techniques, it also helps to increase  healthy flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Appointments are scheduled for one hour and are $90 per session.

Accupuncture or acupuncture?

A common misspelling of acupuncture is accupuncture – many people have the idea that it is a combination of accuracy and puncture. Acupuncture is actually a combination of “acus”, latin for needle, and “punctura”, latin for pricking. Acupuncture literally means “needle pricking”.